Vocational Fair at GO

Not only are Grace Outreach students diligently preparing to take the TASC test, they are simultaneously prepping to take the next steps in their career after earning their diploma. Last week we hosted a small vocational fair that allowed students to learn about different ways to jump start their career. Grace Outreach students met with program directors and representatives from Per Scholas, Montefiore Medical Center, and Workforce 1.
We learned that Per Scholas offers many exciting opportunities for those interested in computers and technology. The intense training program thoroughly prepares individuals for a career in IT. Per Scholas assured students that the staff is committed to making sure women of color succeed in the currently male-dominated field.
Montefiore Medical Center shared a new program that supports students who get trained in the home healthcare field and want to eventually branch out into other medical roles. The unique program is a great way to get started in the healthcare field.
Workforce 1 informed students about upcoming job vacancies, as well as opportunities that might open up down the line. Students were able to get screened on the spot if they were interested in specific positions.
These three partner organizations and many more continue to work closely with Grace Outreach to ensure that our students are informed and prepared the next big step in their professional journey!
by Grace Outreach
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