College Program visits Hostos CC

Students in our College Program made a campus visit to our neighbor Hostos Community College this week. Rafael Quiles, Nicole Flint, and Patricia Mabry from the Hostos Admissions Office were kind enough to give us a tour of the campus and talk about some of the ins and outs of beginning college at Hostos, which serves as a launching pad for its students towards their academic and professional goals.

Grace Outreach also stopped by one of our favorite offices on the Hostos campus, the Strive for Success office. The Strive for Success program, led by Marsha Milan-Bethel, is an amazing academic mentoring service at Hostos, and they always make our students feel welcome.

Our college-bound students really enjoyed the campus atmosphere at Hostos. We had a chance run-in with the director of the nursing program, who gave us a quick tour of some of the nursing classrooms, and also gave our students some very useful advice about getting through the prerequisites before declaring a nursing major. Several of our students are highly interested in becoming an RN, and a group of current nursing students in their last semester also spoke to our group about how they successfully negotiated the program, as well as strategies for preparing for the nursing certification exam. Lastly, one of our stellar College Program alums Arlette Morgan met us for part of the tour. Arlette is completing her prerequisites for the nursing program, and is doing well in all of her classes in her very first semester at Hostos! Thank you again to the Admissions office and to Strive for Success office for hosting us!