What Grace Outreach Offers

Grace Outreach works with women to further their educational goals and gain financial independence through our High School Equivalency, College, Career, and Technology programs. Our High School Equivalency curriculum offers classroom and tutoring instruction to prepare women to pass the GED exam. In our College Program students take prep classes to get ready for college and receive ongoing tutoring and mentoring support to ensure that they graduate. Our Career and Technology programs prepare women to enter the workforce with confidence. With our ongoing support, our graduates are moving forward to higher education and better employment opportunities.

Online Resources

This collection of grade-specific online study guides helps you with any academic subject. These study guides can also help your child with challenging schoolwork.


The Grace Outreach program has a $50 registration fee for our daytime program which includes a GED calculator. There is also a $40 return fee for former students returning to Grace Outreach.

Grace Outreach is located at 378 E. 151 Street, between Melrose and Courtlandt Avenues. The program is located on the 5th floor of this address.

The 2/5 subway lines (Third Avenue/149th Street stop), and bus lines #41,19, 55, 2, and 21 all pass within 2 blocks of our location.

Call (718) 328-0580 to find out when the next TASC placement test will be offered. There is no cost to take the placement test.

Women ages 18+

The length of time a student is at Grace Outreach varies. Some students with excellent attendance, high-functioning work and study habits, and aptitude can be ready in as little as two months. The typical student is ready to take the GED exam after 3-4 months of study.

If a student took and passed any GED or TASC subtests from 2002 to 2021, the scores are still valid for meeting the requirements for a NYS HSE diploma. Grace Outreach works with many students in this situation and will offer her a specialized schedule to focus only on the section(s) she needs to pass.

Grace Outreach will help you sign up for an exam at any one of 6 sites around NYC. The student and teachers sit together to choose the appropriate date, the student completes some paperwork, and GO still will help get the paperwork to the test location.

Most Grace Outreach students, when they begin, feel that math is their weakest subject. You are not alone. We are excellent at teaching math, and have skilled teachers and skilled tutors to help students, working in groups and one-on-one. The keys to a student doing well in math are a) attending school every day and b) doing homework

Students can utilize the Career Prep area of Grace Outreach to work on finding employment. We can help with the resume, the interview skills, how to look around on line, and many other areas. It is up to the student to lead the process; we do not find a job "for" a student.

Any student can attend the City University of New York (CUNY) with an equivalency diploma. The College Program at Grace Outreach will help the student to take the remedial/COMPASS exams, which can allow the student to begin college with only the for-credit classes.

For more information regarding the GED exam, visit the State Education Department’s website.