Grace Outreach Students Practice Their Professional Skills

Last week, Grace Outreach’s Junior Board organized a Mock Interview Day for the current cycle of high school equivalency students.  About thirty-five women were able to take advantage of this fantastic event and hone their interviewing skills.  They put on their most professional clothing, printed their resumes and practiced their introductions in preparation for the day.

Members of the Junior Board, as well as distinguished guests, interviewed students one-on-one and provided on-the-spot feedback and coaching. Students eagerly absorbed advice on everything from the perfect handshake to highlighting one’s strengths over one’s weaknesses.  In fact, many students lined up for a second round of interviews because they wanted to put into practice what they had just learned.

One student, Yusmilka S., had been especially nervous about participating and even asked to be excused. Well, after her first interview with volunteer Michael A., she came out confidently smiling and said, “That was great! When can I do it again?” Four interviews later, Yusmilka had received a lot of practice and was feeling extremely confident! Yusmilka’s experience was universal amongst GO’s students that day and we are very grateful to the Junior Board for facilitating such a valuable experience.