Stacey Ann Gibson, 2015 GO graduate

Stacey Ann Gibson joined Grace Outreach in August 2014 and earned her High School Equivalency Diploma in April 2015 on the TASC exam.

“The Grace Outreach graduation was the best one I’ve ever been to,” she says. “I wasn’t expecting it but they went big with everything. My family and my pastor came and they really enjoyed it.”

This summer Stacey is preparing for college as a recipient of the Grace Outreach 2015 Darlene Jaris Scholarship program.

She’ll start at Bronx Community College in the fall to study childhood education. “I always wanted to teach, in Jamaica I was in a music college.” She plays drums in her church in New York and teaches Sunday school and drumming to kids.

At Grace she was surprised to learn that she loved math. “Ms. Zeki taught us math through repetition so I could remember it. Even if I was sleeping it would be in my head.”

Stacey’s goal for the future is now to teach math. “I’ll take the techniques I used at Grace Outreach as a student and apply them when I become a teacher,” she says.

by Grace Outreach
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