Grace Outreach Women Exploring Vocational Opportunities

The Grace Outreach students learned more today about one of the highest-quality vocational training programs in New York City – Grace Institute.  This 4-month training course provides women with a wide range of skills, tools, experiences, and support to earn jobs in a variety of administrative positions.  Grace Outreach has sent over 75 women to apply at Grace Institute over the past 3 years, and another 8-10 current students made appointments today to interview and apply for Grace Institute’s next cohort.  Grace Outreach often hosts such information sessions with our vocational partners so students can plan ahead and move forward quickly once they earn the High School Equivalency diploma.

Pictured here leading the information session is Grace Institute’s Director of Admissions & Recruitment, Lanette Perez-Villarroel.

by Grace Outreach
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