MyBestBets Pilot: Meet GO’s Peer Coach Tawanda “TK” Kerr

As students have been progressing through the MyBestBets application, they have had the benefit of guidance from Grace Outreach’s newest hire, Tawanda Kerr. Known as TK, her role at GO is that of Peer Coach, and she is excelling at it. TK recently graduated from CUNY-BMCC and will be attending CUNY-Lehman College in the fall.

As a current college student and a recent job seeker, she brings a unique and authentic perspective to the college and career programs at GO. She has spent the last few weeks coaching students through the MyBestBets platform, editing resumes, seeking out resources and assisting students in planning out their career and college paths. TK, who is also an experienced soccer coach, handles all of these tasks with ease. She is a pro at helping people create and execute their winning game plans!

This week, TK led her first MyBestBets workshop. The topic was “Breaking Career and College Myths” and it was very well received by students.  Students were highly engaged and TK encouraged them to utilize all of their resources, including MyBestBets, to explore their options, gain accurate knowledge and decrease their fear of venturing into new territory.  Great job, TK, we can’t wait to see what you come up with next!