MyBestBets Pilot: Career & College Exploration at Grace Outreach

Last week, the Career and College Programs at GO took another leap forward with the launch of a new initiative, the integration of MyBestBets into the curriculum. Through a partnership with Jobs For The Future (, GO has gained access to this very valuable web based postsecondary and career exploration tool. MyBestBets, a comprehensive platform integrating technology and in person coaching, assists students with navigating their paths to college, vocational training and/or a career. Students work through tasks aimed at helping them identify their goals, tap into their networks, create a resume, research college majors and even apply for jobs and college admission.

GO’s HSE and College Prep students have already been onboarded and under the guidance of staff coaches, have begun utilizing the program. Reception has been overwhelmingly positive with students sharing excitement at the prospect of exploring their options. Many students have also shared a feeling of deep contemplation brought about by the thought-provoking questions in MyBestBets. One student shared the following, “I have never stopped to ask herself some of these questions because I am afraid of the answers. I feel like I have not done anything with my life so I try not to reflect much on my past or think about my future. I just stay in the now.”

This student and her coach took some time to discuss the universal nature of such feelings and the validity of the student’s emotions. After a brief discussion, the student asked if she could take extra time to think about her answers because she wanted to take full advantage of this opportunity. Her coach reassured her of the value of doing just that and the student has since continued to work diligently through the platform. At her weekly check-in with her coach, she expressed relief and joy at finally tackling some hard questions about her future and being provided with much needed support and guidance!

GO’s students have only taken their first step with MyBestBets. Their journey will encompass the next few months. We will keep you posted on this pilot and on what is sure to be, their amazing progress.