Meet our new science teacher, Peggy!

How did you find Grace Outreach and start teaching with us?

Through the Literacy Assistance Center jobs page. I was looking for a science teaching position and Grace Outreach was looking for a science teacher and it was just meant to be.

What is your educational background?

BA from Rutgers, MA from Hunter. But much of my science knowledge comes from my long involvement in a community garden and my involvement with the Urban Agriculture movement. I teach a plant health course with the New York City Farm School. I have learned so much about the urban ecosystem from this experience.

Where are you from?

Born and raised in New Jersey. My mother is an immigrant from Ireland, and my father was born and raised in the Bronx. I spent much of my childhood with my grandmother and my aunts and cousins in the Bronx, so I feel like I belong here.

What types of relationships have you formed with students and
staff at GO?

I am gradually forging beautiful relationships with so many people.

What do you like about teaching science?

I love the journey of discovery, especially about things that I love in nature like plants. But recently I have been learning a lot about bacteria and it is amazing! Most bacteria are beneficial and we cannot live without them. I love the sense of awe and amazement I get from science. I also love learning about what the students are wondering. Wonderment is the engine that makes scientific inquiry happen. That’s why I have a “Wonder Wall” in my classroom. I want the students to be as excited about learning nature’s “secrets” as I am.

by Grace Outreach
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