Grace Outreach Graduation 2016!

Last week Grace Outreach hosted our annual graduation celebration for the 86 women who passed the TASC exam through our High School Equivalency program during the 2015-16 school year. We also celebrated the 26 women who started college this year AND the 11 women who completed their college degrees.

High School Equivalency graduate, Naisha Perez, gave a moving graduation speech about learning to take her commitment to education seriously and finally getting her high school degree not just for herself but for her daughter too. Tani Santiago, our College Program speaker, spoke about facing her fears and finally going to college.

Our keynote speaker, Wilhelmina O. Grant inspired everyone with the message it’s never too late to finish what you start.  She received her undergraduate degree 32 years after she started it, after surviving breast cancer twice. She went on to graduate studies and a career as a successful artist.

Thank you everyone for a great year. Grace Outreach is so grateful for the incredible women who put in so much work to achieve their goals, congratulations again!

by Grace Outreach
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