Meet GO Math Tutor Steph!

Grace Outreach Math Tutor Stephanie T. graduated from Lehman College last week and we’re so proud of her! Read her interview about working at Grace Outreach and her plans for the future:


Where are you from?


I have been living in the Bronx since I was 12.


How did you start working with Grace Outreach?


I started working at Grace Outreach when Alia (another GO tutor) reached out to me and asked me if I was interested in a Math Tutor position. Alia and I both go to the Lehman, which is how i know her. At the time I was a manager at Michaels, but I decided to take the risk and pursue a position that fits what I’m studying. So 9 months later here I am!


What are your educational background and future plans?


I’m a Math Major and a Middle and High School Education minor at Lehman. I graduate this June with my Bachelors and will continue to finish my Masters in Math Education. My future plan is to become a High School Teacher for a few years but I’m really interested in becoming a college professor. This of course will take time, but I’d rather teach college than high school.


What do you like most about working at Grace Outreach?


I’ve been here 9 months and what I truly enjoy about this job is seeing the hard work pay off at the end. The happiness that fills our students when they pass their test is amazing to witness. Also the type of environment that Grace Outreach has is great. We are all like family and are here for one another when needed. We work as a team as we should, and just make it happen. The team made me feel comfortable from the moment I started.


What do you like about teaching math?


I have been comfortable with math ever since I was a little girl, which is why I decided to major in it. Deciding to teach it was something that came later as I started taking more math classes. I first started tutoring, and it was such a great feeling helping others and sharing my knowledge. What I like about teaching at Grace is the dedication I see in the students faces. But overall, the best thing I enjoy about teaching is when the students understand the material because of me 🙂

by Grace Outreach
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