Grace Outreach Graduates Start New College Journeys

As Grace Outreach gears up for another wonderful year of partnering with women to achieve their educational and professional goals, graduates of Grace Outreach are beginning the next steps in their journeys. Emails and calls have been pouring in from graduates who have secured new jobs, enrolled in vocational training or started college!

In late August, emails began coming in from GO graduate, Eliana R. Eliana had just stepped onto her new college campus for the first time as a matriculating student. She was so overcome with emotion that she took out her phone and drafted an email to the GO staff entitled, “I’m in Total Shock!” She sent pictures of the campus, of every new area she encountered and wrote, “I’m so in shock that I am here at BCC. I’m so happy for myself and my family. ..and Grace Outreach is a big part of me being here. I’m thankful for every single person I met at GO.”

Another alumnae, Jackie L., visited GO today just to share her joy at starting classes at CUNY Hostos. Jackie has already begun attending classes, applying for leadership programs and participating in campus events. In fact, just today she participated in a campus protest against the repeal of DACA. When asked by one of her former teachers how she felt about being a college student, Jackie replied, “This is my dream come true, my long awaited, often deferred and hard worked for dream. Sometimes I just stop and pinch myself because, well, because I cannot believe I am here. This is my life!”

Both Eliana and Jackie, along with dozens more alumni, credit Grace Outreach’s High School Equivalency, College Preparatory and Career Bridge programs with part of their success. These women worked hard, persevered and overcame many challenges to achieve their goal of becoming college students. If you are looking to advance your education and career, and want to be one of Grace Outreach’s success stories, contact us today. Applications for the next High School Equivalency and College Prep cohorts are currently underway!