GO’s first Annual Campaign!

We started our first Annual Campaign today! This is what we wrote to our supporters:

At Grace Outreach, our goal is to offer the best academic and career instruction to the women of the Bronx because we know that every education milestone accomplished and career goal reached impacts women, their families, and their communities.

But we cannot do this without your financial support. Please help us raise $10,000 by October 31 so that we may impact more lives across the South Bronx. Donate today!

There are so many stories that capture the joy that surrounds our students’ success. One of my favorites highlights exactly how the success of our students lifts up their families too.

In 2016, Roxanna signed up for our high school equivalency program. One of the most common reasons women give for coming to Grace Outreach is to get their degree for their children. Roxanna was no different and she took her classes very seriously.
As she was studying and doing her homework, she started sharing her assignments with her husband, Daniel, who also wanted to get his degree. He studied alongside her at night, using material Roxanna got from her teachers at Grace Outreach. When it came time to take the high school equivalency exam, they both took it and passed. It was a proud moment for them, their families and us. Though we are a women’s only program, we invited Roxanna’s husband to walk across the stage with her at our annual graduation ceremony, and their children excitedly watched them celebrate their degrees together!
Previous support from donors like you helped make that day possible for her entire family. Thank you! What I love about this story is that it highlights how much dedication and support it takes for one individual to get a degree, and how much it paid off for this family.
As we move into our 2017-18 school year I want to invite you to join our new annual giving program. This fund is designed to support the women, and families, that Grace Outreach educates. As educators and mentors, we work with our students to get their High School Equivalency degrees, and to go on to college, vocational training, and well-paying jobs.
We raise all of the money it takes to keep our program running ourselves and don’t receive government support. We need your help to continue offering the best education and career support services to the women of the Bronx and New York City. Please donate today! 
Thank you,

Danae Mcleod
Executive Director
by Grace Outreach
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