Meet High School Equivalency student: Shenequa

Name: Shenequa Reid


From: Bronx, NY


Passion: “Networking and doing everything to be successful in the future for myself and my children, so they don’t have to depend on certain institutions. I want an MBA and PhD in Business.”


Goals: “To be a CEO at a corporation.”


What do you like about Grace Outreach?: “The atmosphere— it’s happy and joyful, the staff, and the sisterhood bonding between the students. People respect each other here.”


What you have learned at Grace Outreach?: “Even though you may not agree with someone, you need to set aside your differences because we all have the same goal.”


What advice would you give a new student?: Even though you started off slow, it doesn’t mean you can’t progress yourself. Every day here is a new learning experience. I wake up every day and thank God I’m here in this program. My aunt got her GED here and now she’s getting her LPN.”

by Grace Outreach
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