HSE classes return with new Foundations of Math

Spring/Summer High School Equivalency classes at Grace Outreach started up today with 55 students in attendance. For this cohort HSE Students are divided into 2 learning groups with a number of new and returning students working on individualized schedules since they’ve passed some TASC subject areas already.

Grace Outreach is also introducing a new program option for students who need extra math support before they start our High School Equivalency program.  Math Tutor extraordinaire Alia Melvin (pictured above) developed Foundations of Math to prepare students for High School Equivalency math. Students in the Foundations of Math class will build the math skills that are necessary for both Grace Outreach HSE classes and the TASC exam itself.

Alia says “I definitely saw a need to help get students ready for HSE math so I developed the curriculum based on how other schools run their Adult Basic Education programs to expand Grace Outreach programming to include pre-HSE Students.”

by Grace Outreach
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