GO Students’ Response to Maria Aponte’s Visit

Earlier this afternoon, Grace Outreach’s four College Prep students, Aileen R., Bintou K., Eliana R., and Nadine A. penned a group reflection on Maria Aponte’s visit:
“On Tuesday, April 4 at Grace Outreach, Maria Aponte, poet and activist came to inspire women with her story. High school equivalency, college prep students, and teachers came together to enjoy lunch as one family and listen to Maria Aponte’s story. This event was organized by our College Prep students—Eliana and Aileen—and our visiting Coro Fellow. Maria talked about her life experiences: losing her parents, being homeless, examples about her family, how she separated herself from negativity. Her message to students was to never give up, put yourself first, be focused, and stick to your passion. Grace Outreach students came up with some questions for Maria: Aileen asked ‘How do you celebrate your personal life from your profession?’ and Eliana asked ‘How did you overcome the loss of her parents?’ Students found the meeting very emotional and inspirational because this is really how life goes. College Prep student Nadine says ‘When Maria talked about keeping negative people out of your life, it was helpful for me because it showed the importance of following my ambitions.'”
Thank you, Maria, for gracing us at Grace Outreach with your skill for storytelling, fierce resilience, love of arts, and care for Bronxites. We’re forever grateful to have had you as part of our own path.