College-Prep visits Hostos

Our College Prep class made a campus visit to Hostos Community College earlier this week. Marsha Milan-Bethel and Tani Santiago were kind enough to give us a tour of the campus and talk about some of the services and mentoring program offered by the Strive for Success program.

The campus tour was led by a Grace Outreach alum, Tani Santiago, who is now a second year student at Hostos. Tani is a stellar student and a mentor with the Strive for Success program, and is planning on transferring into the Social Work program at Lehman College after graduating from Hostos this coming spring semester.

College Prep students Julissa Hernandez, Luisa Calix-Lino, and Arlette Morgan attended the tour, and really enjoyed the campus atmosphere at Hostos. Students are still considering other options, but were impressed by how friendly campus felt, especially after being welcomed by Marsha and Tani. Thank you again to the Strive for Success office for the tour!