Annual Board SoulCycle event!

Every year our Board member, Alex Z. organizes a fundraising SoulCycle event to benefit Grace Outreach! Here’s a message she sent out to her friends and colleagues to get them in the spirit!

In anticipation of Grace Outreach’s 2017 Hour to Empower Annual Board SoulCycle fundraiser on, Tuesday, June 20th at 7:00PM, we’re asking you : Are YOU smarter than a high school-er and would you pass the TASC exam (NY’s high school equivalency exam) if you had to take it today?

To demonstrate, please try and answer the below question:

Last year at Grace Outreach’s SoulCycle event, Ellen, Marisol, and Paul were all participants. Paul cycled three times as much as Ellen but Ellen cycled 5 more than Marisol did. Altogether, the three participants cycled a total 3600. How much did Paul cycle?

A.) 716

B.) 2,163

C.) 721

D.) 2,117

To get the answer please refer to the instructions below to support Grace Outreach’s 2017 Hour to Empower through a ticket purchase or donation.

To purchase tickets or make a donation, please click here or follow the directions below:
  1. RIDE! To sign up, please click here and click on “TICKETS”. Please note that tickets include a free SoulCycle class, a water bottle, towels and spinning shoes. In addition to your ticket purchase, we ask that you post to social media using hashtag #hourtoempower and reach out to friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, etc. to support you through additional donations.
  2. DONATE! Any and all donations are welcome. To donate, please click here.
  3. SPONSOR! For all of you who believe in getting noticed while doing good, please click here and click on “TICKETS” to learn more about our sponsorship packages.