High School Equivalency Program

Why should I join?

Obtaining a High School degree is necessary to obtain most jobs, and is an achievement you can be proud of! Grace Outreach’s High School Equivalency program is designed to help you pass the New York State High School Equivalency exam, now called the TASC.

Grace Outreach provides students with classes to help women pass the TASC Exam, schedules you to test when our teachers think you’re ready, and celebrates your accomplishment with an end-of-the-year graduation ceremony.


The TASC  has 5 parts: math, social studies, science, reading, and writing. Grace Outreach offers classes to help you with some or all of the parts of the High School equivalency exam depending on your needs.  

We currently offer 3 High School Equivalency Sessions throughout
the year:

Fall (October – December)
Spring (January – April)
Summer (May – June)

Our classes meet:

Monday – Friday 8:45AM – 3:30 PM

The Exam

We help you schedule your exam date and with the directions for how to get there.


We charge $50 for enrollment in our High School Equivalency Program, and $40 for returning students. You’ll receive a graphing calculator as part of your enrollment fee. Taking the exam is FREE!


Every year Grace Outreach invites family and friends to our annual Graduation ceremony! It is always a great chance to celebrate with family and friends!



  • MySkillsTutor.com

    This online tutoring company provides customized test and lesson summaries for effective at-home studying.

  • Khan Academy

    This collection of grade-specific online study guides helps you help your child with challenging schoolwork.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Grace Outreach program has a $50 registration fee for our daytime program which includes a TASC calculator. There is also a $40 return fee for former students returning to Grace Outreach.

For more information regarding the TASC exam, visit the State Education Department’s website.


Welcome to Grace Outreach,

We believe that education is a right, not a privilege. That’s why we’re here: to empower women like you to exercise your right to continue your education and move towards financial independence.

By deciding to continue your education, you are making an investment in your future. Our program is all about women helping women help themselves, and designed to ensure your success by providing individualized support each step along the way.

Here you learn from each other – without any outside distractions – and leave with the tools and self confidence that translate to your children, your family and your community.

Throughout this website, you’ll learn about the program and its leadership: our dedicated Board of Directors; our talented and immensely committed teaching staff, and our student tutors – all Grace Outreach graduates – with first-hand understanding of where you’re coming from.

Since 2004, Grace Outreach has helped over 1,000 women like you attain their GED/high school equivalency diploma. But the diploma is just the beginning. That’s why Grace Outreach also provides College Prep and Career Prep services to really help you move forward.

It’s not always easy trying something new, but we promise you, everyone here is dedicated to making sure you achieve your goals.

We look forward to seeing you and working alongside you.

All the best,

Ms. Margaret Grace,  &  Mr. Kelley Millet
Board Co-Chairs