Founded in 2004, Grace Outreach serves low-income women of all ages who seek to enhance their academic skills, pursue higher education and find employment. We began primarily as a GED education center, but we have grown into a successful larger organization offering classes, training, and academics for the equivalency test (now called the TASC), a college program assisting that works with students to start and graduate from college, and a full array of career services and events. With our ongoing support, hundreds of women have earned their equivalency diplomas and moved on to higher educational goals, better career opportunities, and financial independence.

Undereducation in the South Bronx

The Bronx ranks 62nd out of all 62 counties in New York State in terms of educational attainment levels of its residents. Thus there is a clear need for many kinds of opportunities to re-start educational paths. Grace Outreach provides such an opportunity, for women only, in a community-based setting, in an easy-to-access location on 151st Street.

The women at Grace Outreach are diversely talented and have diverse backgrounds and attributes, including:

We recommend the following resources to learn more about the barriers which the new high school equivalency exam in New York State presents to under-educated women in the Bronx, and the broader economic challenges that the current ecomony presents to younger Bronx women in particular:

New, Tougher GED has Students Scrambling City Limits, December 2013   Unleashing the Economic Power of the 35% A policy paper prepared by JobsFirstNYC  July, 2014   http://hechingerreport.org/pass-rates-dip-and-test-takers-decrease-after-first-year-of-new-high-school-equivalency-exam/  New report showing that the number of people sitting for the high school equivalency exam in New York State in 2014, using the new TASC exam, is way down from previous years.  February, 2015



pictured l to r: Kara Murphy, Wolf Boehme, Margaret Grace & Mara Lehrman

Board of directors

  • Margaret M. Grace



  • Stephanie Whittier


    Executive Director, Private Wealth Management, Morgan Stanley

  • Margaret Sheridan


    Principal, Crossroads Consultant to Nonprofits

  • Wolf Boehme


    President, E-Scholar

  • Paula B. Bralow


  • Donnette Dunbar

    CEO, Dash Media PR

  • Kara Murphy

    Senior Vice President, SunAmerica Asset Management

  • Linda E. Ransom

    Director, Platinum Underwriters Holdings, Ltd

  • Belanne Ungarelli

    Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

  • Alexandra Zarrilli

    Director of Business Development, Raveneur Capital LP

  • John Hughes

    Vice President, Goldman Sachs

  • Ann Shoket

    Millennial Thought Leader and Editorial Content Strategist

  • Lisa Rothblum

    Managing Director, The Foster Group

  • Scherri Roberts

    Vice President, Director of Human Resources, Hearst Magazines


Junior Board of Directors

  • Sung Jo

    Research Analyst, PineBridge Investments

  • Isabelle Zee

    Management Consultant, Kinapse

  • Janine Harwood

    Project Manager, Societe Generale

  • Joy Pittman

    Director of Human Resources and Payroll, Union Settlement Association

  • Prerna Sinha

    Associate Director of Talent Development, Uncommon Schools

A Letter From the Board Co-Chairs

Welcome to Grace Outreach,

We believe that education is a right, not a privilege. That’s why we’re here: to empower women like you to exercise your right to continue your education and move towards financial independence.

By deciding to continue your education, you are making an investment in your future. Our program is all about women helping women help themselves, and designed to ensure your success by providing individualized support each step along the way.

Here you learn from each other – without any outside distractions – and leave with the tools and self confidence that translate to your children, your family and your community.

Throughout this website, you’ll learn about the program and its leadership: our dedicated Board of Directors; our talented and immensely committed teaching staff, and our student tutors – all Grace Outreach graduates – with first-hand understanding of where you’re coming from.

Since 2004, Grace Outreach has helped over 1,000 women like you attain their GED/high school equivalency diploma. But the diploma is just the beginning. That’s why Grace Outreach also provides College Prep and Career Prep services to really help you move forward.

It’s not always easy trying something new, but we promise you, everyone here is dedicated to making sure you achieve your goals.

We look forward to seeing you and working alongside you.


All the best,


Ms. Margaret Grace,  &  Ms. Stephanie Whittier

Board Co-Chairs